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was president obama'worst yet in office. still scrambling to fix the health care mess david gregory will be here to talk about where the president will go om here and whether he's in danger of becoming a lame duck. >>> what a catch at the aubu-georgia game. you can't see this enough if u're a football fan or any kind of sport fan. >> so great. looking forward to wahing it again. with thanksging fast approaching, we have everything you need to know, shooting home videos, playing football in e front yard, to impreive gadgets that can cook t perfect bird they s in less time than you ever could have imagined. >> it's calle send out let's get righ to today's top sty. the sere weather and the reat of tornadoes touching down in the midwestith millions of pele potentially in harm's way. the weather channel's mike seidel is in covington, kentucky. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning, lester. a rainy and warm metro cincinnati. temperatures around 60, about 25 degrees above average for mid november and also very humid out here. that'she reason we're expecting severe weather. a rather outbreak of
into president obama's second term. we're talking about the race for president. last night new york senator chuck schumer urged hillary clinton to run for the white house, saying she'd lead his party to victory. and today new jersey governor chris christie is traveling around new jersey as he runs for re-election in what's widely seen as a test run for president himself. david gregory is moderator of "meet the press." good morning. great to see you. >> morning, lester. >> schumer in his endorsement of clinton says she has his full and unwavering support. with her his party with vanquish ted cruz, the tea party republicans in 2016. i'm curious, does this start to sound like the beginning perhaps of a series of coordinated and carefully timed endorsements to give her candidacy a ring of invincibility or inevitability? >> yeah, i think you're right. i think that's the right instinct. as i talk to supporters of hillary clinton, they're unabashed about saying that she's running. that all signs point toward it. even though there are some who still cling to the idea that she needs to be persuaded to mak
, dylan. >>> to the troubles for the oba admintration and the healcare.gov website. president obama is still expressing his frustration over the glicheds while some republicans aresing this opportunity to questionis executive experience. kristen welker is at thehite use with us with more. good morning. reporter: good morng to you, lest. under contind fire for the roy rollout of his health care website president obama is trying to change the subjects at times. saw this on friday when he made the top at the portf new orleans and talkg about the economy and investing in infrastructure structures but he couldn't help but to veer bk to the topic of health care and partularly those glitches with thwebsite. ke a listen to what he had to say. >> now, we havhad this problem with the websi. i'm not happy about that. bute're working overtime t make sure that it get fixed because, right now, we put in place a system, a marketpla ere people can get affordae health care plans. i wanted tgo in and fixt myself, but ion't write codes. >> reporter: lester, earlier this week, during an exclusi intervi
appearance since leaving the white house. >> president obama is getting all the jokes now. >> better him than me. >> and the former president shows off a hidden talent today, wednesday, november 20th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >>> good morning, welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie along side al roker and natalie morales. horrible to hear that lindsey vonn had another accident. crossing our fingers and praying for her. >> in training and 78 days now from sochi. obviously in discomfort there after coming down in a sled so. we keep our fingers crossed. >> she's a fighter. >> we're are rooting for her no doubt. now to "today's" top story. that's the search for survivors from the jet crash in florida. julia bagg has the latest in florida. what can you tell us? >> reporter: u.s. investigators still have not confirmed who was on that flight or exactly what happened. but hours later the coast guard still has not given up hope of finding survivors. the
that iraq is entering a downward spiral of violence. the country's prime minister met with president obama at the white house on friday. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engle is in cairo joining us with more. good morning. >> reporter: this is an awkward visit for president maliki coming to the united states effectively hat in hand asking for help because his country is back in a civil war. the u.n. said around a thousand people are now being killed in iraq every single month. prime minister maliki wants the united states to supply more weapons, to supply drones, and to generally get reengaged in iraq's security. and the level of violence overall in iraq is now returned to roughly 2008 level. now, that's a significant statement, because it means the gains of the u.s. surge have been effectively wiped out and that would mean a great deal for all of the americans who served there working so hard to bring the country some degree of stability to see it go back to where it is right now. >> richard, we are also getting more details this morning about a u.s. drone strike that killed
. >> reporter: the current occupant, president obama, jumped into one race this cycle. campaigning to help terry mcauliffe. the democrat's next presidential contend e contender? hillary clinton was not in iowa. she got attention when senator chuck schumer made this call. >> 2016 is hillary's time. run, hillary! run. if you run, you'll win and we'll all win. >> reporter: and president obama did not campaign for the democrat running against chris christie. she wanted more democrats to help her out. savannah, people are looking beyond tomorrow to the irresistible 2016. back to you. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you. we have the new book "double down" which is causing controversy. we have mark halperin and john heilemann with us both. you guys reveal he had another terrible performance behind the scenes so badly that his advisers thought we might lose this election. >> he did 48 hours before the debate at hofstra. his disdain for romney. he could not figure out how to deal with that. at the same time, the contempt for the theater of politics. it got mixed up together. it was the horrible performance tha
, we have halted the progress of the iranian nuclear program. >> president obama hailing the landmark and controversial deal reached overnight with iran, this as afghan leaders agree today to keep u.s. troops there for the long term. but will that country's president sign on. >>> the never-ending storm, that massive weather system moving across the country now responsible for at least eight deaths and making travel nationwide a nightmare. dylan is tracking it all. >>> back in the game. the football team from the tornado-ravaged town back on the field giving so many there a reason to smile, and while the scoreboard may not show a w, they definitely feel like winners today, sunday, november 24th, 2013: >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with lester holt and erica hill live from studio rockefeller plaza. >>> welcome to "today" on this very busy sunday morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm lester holt alongside dylan dreyer and kristen welker in for jenna. the historic deal agreed to overnight with iran. >> secretary of state john kerry and other world leaders putting the final touche
. this morninginsurance executiv in some states are scramblingamid growing questions over the future of obama care. >>> new this morning. alec baldwin suspende the acr kept off the air from his late night tk show on msnbc as he apologizesor his profane outbur against a photographer. >>> that kid saves the da a wish com true for a 5-year-old cancer survivor. >> i want to be batman. >> you get to be batman? >> a thousands turn out to watch the minikid crusader capture not onlycriminals, but r arts. "today" saturday,ovember 16th, 20. good morng, everyone. welcome to today on a sad. i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hillalonide dylan dreyernd craig melvin in this morning for jenna. >> nice to know that batman is on t set! >> it is >> it is nice to know that batman is o the job orat kid. >> if w need him, i fee nfident calling him for pretty much anything. >> it s good to see so many people p their lives on hold out there yesterdaynd come together. >> he was saving people and disarming bombs. i love it! >> n matter for bat kid. i ink we all kind of need a good story to rally around in this country right no
. a new book claims top aides to the president, president obama, gave serious consideration to replacing vice president joe biden on the 2012 ticket. nbc's andrea mitchell has details on that. andrea, tell us what you know. >> reporter: good morning, matt. three years ago, their book changed the game with revelations ranging from sarah palin's private meltdown to john edwards' very public one. now, mark halperin and mark hileman are reluising "double down," another tale of upheaval over running mates. in late 2011, as republican front-runners traded places, the new book reveals that the president's team considered a high-profile swap of its own, replacing vice president biden with hillary clinton. nbc confirms that then chief of staff bill daley went so far as to secretly poll how voters might react but learned it wouldn't improve obama's chances. but the campaign did shut biden out of tragedy sessions after he preempted obama's plan to endorse same-sex marriage by doing it first on "meet the press." >> i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women
. appreciate it. >> kate? >> willie, thanks. >>> the holidays are over and for the obama administration that means it's time to produce results on the troubled health care website. kristen welker has more on that front morning. kristen, good morning. >> kate, good morning to you. >> reporter: the obama administration says the tech experts have been working 24/7 to get the site running smoothly for most americans by tomorrow but they're also trying to downplay expectations. they say this won't be a magical date or a relaunch. according to analysts, though, the president's credibility is on the line. it's crunch time for the obama administration and with the president's poll numbers at record lows, the stakes for vastly improving the health care website by saturday couldn't be higher. >> they have got to come through with a pretty successful completion of a lot of the glitches supposedly they have been working on. >> reporter: the administration says over the past month, tech experts have made hundreds of improvements to healthcare.gov, decreasing error rates and increasing it's speed and
it. >> president obama does damage control onhe botched health care rollo with his legacy hanging the balance. >>> how did it happen? the unthkable in the ses over florida. >> you said you had a passenger fall out of your pla? >>hat's correct, sir. he opened the back dr and fell out of the plane. >> the search and rescue mission underway right now. >> and holy split. ♪ o can say what the rd ♪ jean-claude n damme pulls off the stunt to end all stus peop say it's all real. today, frida november 15th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbcews, this is "today" with matt uer and savannah ghrie, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> i don know if i should say good morning or light a candle. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm willie ist with al rokeand natalie morales. matt h the morning off. look at van damme. that looks like you at yoga class. >> every man is cringing watchi this. >> we can l do this but only ce. >> the stunt is al but jean-claude van damme is not real. >> i wonr how he got out of that. how could you recover? >> me on that in a minut also we have a "today" exclusive today
of how few americans signed up for obama care in the first month, 10600 total,onsider that's barely enough to fill a large football stadium anonly one-fifth of what goverent officials had projecte the breakdown, 26,000 people signed up through the crippled fedel website. the rest, more than ,000, in those states where their own exchans. the most in california, e west just 42 in north dakota. reblicans quickly tookim. house speaker john boehner callg the entire law a rolling calamity that must be scrapped. others have decided the new signups eql only a small fraction of the millns whose plans are being canceled despite the present's repeated assurances. >> thiis what happens when you base a campaign on a fdamental lie. >>eporter: even senate democrats are getting anxious, especially those facing tough re-electio next year. many now backing senator mary ndrieu's proposal. >> it doesn'surprise me that something need to be fixed. we need to g about fixing it d continue to fight r health insurance that you can never lose. >> reporter: still to be swered, whether the administration can ha
been released from president obama to afghan president hamid karzai. nbc's richard engel is covering it all for us in kabul. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a big story and one that set the white house on its back food. today, president hamid karzai told a gathering of about 2,000 elders that if a joint security agreement is signed, that 10,000 to 15,000 troops, most of them americans, will stay in this country for another decade and then gradually start to draw down. the white house is saying that no final agreement has been reached, that this is still a document that has to be approved by the afghan government formally and washington, but today, hamid karzai is prepping his people for almost doubling the length of the u.s. longest war in american history. on that letter, the afghan government published a copy of that letter. it says it's from the white house in which president obama doesn't exactly apologize for past mistakes and abuses in this country, but is very sympathetic to the afghan people and says that in the future american troops should they sta
, kate snow is here with that. >> the obama administration has said it will have the troubled obama care website working for most americans by the end of the month. but this morning there's another huge setback affecting small businesses. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker is at the white house with the latest this morning. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: kate, good morning to you. tech experts are working through this holiday weekend to make sure the website is running smoothly by the end of saturday, but on wednesday, as you say, there was more bad news. the administration announced small businesses, those with 50 employees or fewer, won't be able to enroll in health care through healthcare.gov for another year. those businesses will still be able to sign up as they currently do through an agent or a broker. now, the administration says the move is necessary so that technicians can focus on fixing the website for individuals. some in the small business community know it's disappointment and a concern the delay could add more confusion to an already complicated process. re
from president obama to americans over the health insurance rollout debacle. >> i am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation. >>> more from the president in an nbc news exclusive. >>> and ready for takeoff? after conquering just about everything on weather, sir richard branson is getting set to head into space. he is here about our role in that adventure today, friday, november 8th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >>> big finish. >> big finish. welcome. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie alongside al roker and natalie morales. i don't remember that team music being so disco. >> we'll have more on that big announcement later on but first the storm is amazing. the top story today. massive typhoon is in the philippines and wreaking havoc right there. angus is in manila. what can you tell us, angus? >> reporter: good morning, matt. experts were warning this would be the storm of the century. a c
. >>> and at's your latest weather. >>ll right, al, thank you very much. the obama administtion is taking new steps to fix th troubl roll out of the new health care law bucan the website anthe president's legacy be saved? nbs peter alexander is at the white house this morning. hi, peter. >> reporter: hi, matt, this is new territy for president obama. he nev faced a crisis like this. a crisis of coidence. in his very leadershipthe flawed rl out of the affordab care act threatening to undermine t future of his second term and his esidency. with his signare law under fire the president fac a daunti to-do list to resuscitatobama care. number one, fithe website. with the admintration's next deline less than two weeks away they're still scramblg to have therippled site up and running. for most uninsured america. >> the vast majority of users. >> t vast majority of users. >> the vast majority of amicans. >> repter: officials acknowledge they consider a success if 80% of users can successfully buylans online. number two, eer up confusion. white house officials still need to convince surers and state
reportg that software problems with the obama carwebsite are proving so stubborn it's unlikely to work fullyy the end the month. they wrote me lling me we're working /7 to make improvements so by the end of the moh the site is working smooly for the vast majority of users. she ded that they contin to make progress but this is certain to be another key topic during oneore hearing this morning on capitol hill. >> the enrollmenperiod -- >> reporter: tay house republicans are trying to capitalize on president clinton's comments on obama care. having statement saying clinton's remarks signy a growing recognition that americs were misled when td they could keetheir coverage. clinton urged president obama to make gd on his promise to t people keetheir current insurance plans if they wanto. >> i believe even if it takes a change in thlaw, the president should honor the cmitment the federal govement made to those people and let tm keep what they got. >> reporter: still clinton defended the health care law overall. >> the big lesson is thawe're better offith this law than withouit. >> repter: p
this week, the obama administration is scrambling to find aolution for the mlions of amecans whose insurance policies a being cancelled. no easy task. >> how about this new jersey. >> reporter: fresh off his re-election chris christieaid presidentobama's apologis not enough. >> the president dn't tell folks the tru abouthat was going to happen with the own private insuranceolicies and what urged him to door the last two weeks when i have been on the campaign trail is tl peoplehe truth. >> chrise diissed speculation about hi own ambitionsbout whether he's a moderate o conservative. >> i don'tet into these labels. that's what the washington d.c. game and what those m and women down there play. >> reporter: still the republican party is facing a war within. >> tha you so much. >> reporter: i iowa this weekend sarah palin told flow christian conservatives to stfen our spines for the014 elections and lhed outt publicans that agreed to end last month'sovernment >> they waved the white nag of surrende and they threw under the bus the good guys who did stand up and fight for us. >> reporter: t botto
: the president called netanyahu sunday but they disagree on the threat and the goal. the obama administration wants to prevent iran from developing a nuclear weapon but netanyahu wants to stop them from having the capability to even produce one. >> we think it's important to keep the pressure up. not to ease pressure before you get them through the heavy lifting before they dismantle their centerfuges. >> reporter: on this saudi arabia agrees with israel and many worry the threat isn't diminished. >> i just want to see this all the way through. they now have nuclear weapons and i don't want to see that happen in iran. >> reporter: even some experts remain skeptical. >> you're not going to know how significant, whether this is the historic breakthrough many claimed or a historic mistake for at least another six months. >> andrea, you mentioned there were secret talks that went on for a year with the u.s. officials and iranian counterparts. what can you tell us about that? >> well these all went on with bill burns and other leaders in the gulf country and all without the knowledge of the arab l
with the european union which he says was forced by economic necessity. >> president obama urged them to act on reform. a protestor behind the stage interrupted him demanding obama stop deportations. take a listen. and most importantly we will live up to our character as a nation. >> our families are separated. i need your help. there's thousands of immigrants. >> that's exactly what we're talking about. >> every single day. >> well then another activist on stage joined in the heckling. secret service agents attempted to remove the protestors but the president said they could stay. >> 10 former nfl players filed a lawsuit against the league claiming it hasn't done enough to protect players from concussions. the lawsuit seeks damages to be determined at trial. they're also seek court approved medical monitoring for their brain injuries. they claim that the nhl concealed the risks of brain trauma exposing them to unnecessary dangers. >>> from washington state to washington d.c. the journey is complete for the capitol christmas tree. crews placed the 88 foot spruce on the west lawn monday. it w
. the president said it would reason better at the end of november which is today. >> reporter: obama administration say there have been vast improvements to the eastbound website and they are say they are on track of meeting their goal to support as many as 50,000 users at one time by the end of the day today. work in progress. this is st it's almost test time for healthcare.gov. friday night, president obama addressed the criticism he has faced recently during an exclusive interview with abc news barbara walters. >> very rarely things get the same thaengs that aren't working as as well. >> reporter: hours before the site is supposed to be ready, health and human service secretary kathleen sebelius tried to downplay expectations on friday blogging that people should shop healthcare.gov during off-peak hours and mornings and nights and weekends. >> the system either works or it doesn't work. >> reporter: software expert luke chunk says the website can support 50,000 users at once by day's end is not the way to measure success. >> the 50,000 number they have put out is a little ambiguo
underwood. obama care by morning over six people served ♪ >> reporter: paisley and underwood are hosting pros at this. this is their sixth year in a row. savannah and natalie, this is kind of interesting. unlike many awards show, mere mortals can attend. all you have to do is buy a ticket. i came with my three teenaged daughters last night. >> wow. >> reporter: it was the perfect girls' night out. >> lucky you. it was supposed to be a night off but we pulled you back in. we're so glad you did. >> i think the "duck dynasty" guys had a fun appearance, right? >> reporter: the who? >> the "duck dynasty questions gigs. i saw willie twerking. >> reporter: they were a big hit. robert thicke and miley cyrus took a lot of hits as well. there were a lot of barbs as well. >> super mom. thank you so much. coming up, can you say adorable? the national zoo's new tiger cubs learn to swim. they throw them right in there. >> poor things. >>> up next, we'll check in with tamron. i like to drink orange juice or have lemon in my water... eat tomato sauce on my spaghetti. the acidic levels in some foods can
with grenades, guns and ammunition. >>> the u.s. supreme court agreed to take over a new court battle over obama care that could have an impact on birth control. the issue does the requirement violate a country's religious freedom. most have to provide contraceptive coverage in their health insurance plans for employees. their strong christian believes clash with parts of the federal law. a ruling is not expected until 201. >>> a unanimously nj police officer is being hailed as a hero this morning after pulling a man from a burning truck. when he pulled up to a truck monday night he sprinted toward the vehicle. he pulled the unconscious driver out of the truck and out of harm's way before running back to check if there were passengers inside. the 61-year-old driver is in critical but stable condition. >>> it will be at least another four more years behind bars for o.j. simpson after a nevada judge rejected his bid for a new trial on tuesday. simpson argued his original lawyer mishandled his armed robbery and kidnapping child in 2008. she said all grounds of simpson's petition lack merit. he will
allowed him to use his friendship with president obama to build himself up. and become this formidable national figure. >> let's talk about virginia. this potentially tells a story larger than within the commonwealth borders. you have a tea party republican candidate that may lose to a democrat in what traditionally had been a republican stronghold. >> there's a lot of anti-tea party republicans. we have chris christie appealing to moderates and look at how that's going in new jersey. you have a tea party that took over the virginia republican party and look at how that's going. virginia republicans could get all three statewide races. they could be swept this year. that's the first time that would have happened since the 80s. there will be a lot of i told you sos on where the split of the republican party is. virginia could be tea party losses and new jersey moderate republicans winning. >> we know you'll be watching if it's tuesday, it's chuck todd. thank you very much. natalie is following an alarming incident at an airport. what can you tell us? >> that's right. we have amazing vid
care with making it a much tight erase. >> this race came down to the wire because of obama care. >> virginia exit polls show voters were sour on health care with 53% saying they oppose the law. but mcauliffe got a boost from the other polarizing october issue. 48% of voters blamed republicans for the government shutdown. back to christie, matt, he gets to go on the national stage immediately. not only is he now serving a second term in new jersey, new york city media market, but he's going to take over the republican governor's association. what does that mean? he actually has an excuse to essentially travel to every state in the country in 2014. >> chuck, let's stay on that race. it's another win for him in a heavily democratic state. the margins are worth noting. the demographics also worth noting. what jumps out at you? >> well, i go back to the hispanic demographic more than anything else. 51%. when you think about what is the republican party's biggest problem right now in winning national elections? it is the fact that hispanics have been moving so decidedly against republ
of viers said which they loved the most. beyonce made the lt twice. hillary and chsea clinton, bo obama and the first lady. and the selfie of the year, the one featuring the popeof course. this was actlly the reuters photograph othat moment when e first selfie featuring the pope was listed. pretty cool list. i ha a quick quiz for you. what's delfie? that's a drunken sele. what's a welfie? >> a rich person? >> yeah, it is. >> aorkout selfie and la but not list, a lfie? come on? that's a hair selfie. >> how is that different thaa selfie selfie? >> oh, okay. >> maybe you zoom inn the ha. >> i'll have to ink about that. th's the list guys. >> okay. make it your vote. we also don't know about the helfie >> yeah. >> there you go. >> new word. >> bfie. you started something. coming up we'll take a turn. we shod you the frantic scene on monda police breaking a ndow and firing shots at a family minivan. well, coming up, part of the video yohaven't seen and the officer at opened fire explains his actions. >> and an eyewitness to history. rare interview with woman who to the only photo showing bot
obama and some staffers. but when the cashier told the vice president how much his lunch order totalled, well, he did have to call in for some back up from his assistant. >> $66.25. >> you got ten bucks? i got 50. >> no -- >> are you sure? >> i'm not taking it. >> i've been coming here a lot. >> so he doesn't have a lot of cash on him. the vice president has to borrow $10 to pay for his order. he would not accept the owner's offer for a free sandwich. by the way, the best sandwich in america includes a lot of hot peppers. he likes them spicy. >> i hope he didn't charge interest on that debt. thank you. >>> now mr. roker has the rest of his forecast. >> that's why he's the world's vice president. >> there you go. >> we'll offer him a platter of sandwiches if he comes here and hosts with us. right? >> that's right. on the third hour. >> yeah. >> this is the big storm we're talking about. heavy rain from texas all the way in to western tennessee. we're looking at snow also developing and icy conditions. look at this next 24 hours. it's not a lot of ice but it doesn't take a lot. about a te
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